Cost Effective, Flexible, Rewarding

Safety Should Be Cost Effective

Safety seems to always find its way over on the expense column of the balance sheet Studies show that an investment in safety not only prevents inJury-related losses, but significantly improves productivity. An analysis of your company’s approach to safety may reveal areas where some simple and practical support could improve your bottom-line.


Safety Shouldn’t Restrict Your Business

Naturally, safety gets a bad rap because of the oversight from regulatory bodies like OSHA, EPA, DOT and insurance companies. While enforcement is an accountability practice, there are ways to keep your business in compliance without their help. The best safety cultures are not established overnight; like any goal, it is achievable by taking it one step-at-a-time.


Safety is Rewarding

There are intangibles in any business, like your brand, service model and identity. Billions of dollars are spent by companies every year on these areas. What may surprise you is that some of the best and most profitable companies list safety as one of their most important qualities. Why…  Because they know that a safe workplace means, better employee morale, less downtime, lower insurance costs and a greater degree of compassion for those that help drive their business to be successful every day.


HAWK Safety Advisers are loss control and safety management specialists. Our model is designed to improve efficiency, reduce exposures and lower your total cost of risk. It is fair to say that we are confident in our ability to deliver measurable results. We invite you to schedule a no cost introduction to better assess your operational needs and objectives.

Menu of Services and Service Packages:

Don’t be afraid to order off the menu… we like creativity!


Needs Assessment

A written report and action plan indentifying areas where safety performance may be enhanced or improved.

Workers’ Compensation Claims Management

A detailed evaluation of the claims management process and strategies to reduce injury related costs.

Employee Orientation

Bring your employees together tor a training session where we will cover the basics at satety.

Fleet Management and DOT

Assistance provided to evaluate current fleet operations and compliance with the Department of Transportation.

A la Carte

*These sides that can be added to any of our packages, or let HAWK Safety Advisers tailor a package that is right for your business needs.

Linsey Borders is a safety generalist with 37 years’ of experience servicing, manufacturing, construction,  hospitality, recreation & amusement, electrical utilities, fleet operations and social service organizations. Most recently, Linsey held the position of Sr. Loss Control Consultant/Fleet Specialist for a National Insurance Carrier. Linsey has worked as a field supervisor for a construction company and HR manager for a national firm with over 4,000 employees in 40 states.

Linsey offers professional assistance with programs. training presentations, loss prevention. hazard analysis and plant/worksite inspections.

“I enjoy assisting client’s by applying what I learn about their operations and breaking down their needs into small obtainable goals. The objective is to lower costs, improve efficiencies and reduce exposures.”

Linsey is a proud veteran who served in the Navy for seven years and attended the US Naval Academy. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Technology as well as an associate degree in Architecture. Over the course of his career, he also earned ARM (Associate in Risk Management), ALCM (Associate in Loss Control Management) and CDS (Certified Director of Safety)  designations.

Linsey uses his skills and experience to provide practical safety management services to companies that value loss control as an important part of their brand identity.